Everything You Need To Know About Bridal Alterations

So you’ve finally found your dream dress. Congratulations! After some celebrating and checking this major wedding planning milestone off your to-do list, you may be wondering, now what? The answer is alterations! Read on for all the information you need as you continue your wedding planning journey.

Why are alterations important?

First thing’s first. You may be wondering why alterations are so important. It really is all about the finer details when it comes to your big day, and alterations can make or break even the most gorgeous of gowns. But don’t worry, you’re in great hands! Although your wedding dress was ordered in the size that is best for you, a wedding dress rarely fits the bride perfectly with no adjustments. Alterations allow us to perfect the fit of your gown, from tightening the straps to cinching the waist to sewing the perfect hem and creating the bustle so you can move about your day with ease. It all sounds great, doesn’t it? You already loved your gown when you said yes, but you’ll love it even more when it fits like a glove.

When should I book my appointment?

So when do alterations take place? Typically, we suggest having your first alterations appointment about 8-12 weeks before your big day. This allows enough time for adjustments between fittings and to accommodate any changes to your body within that time frame. Often brides are so busy running to appointments and tackling their to-do lists, that they end up losing a few pounds unintentionally before the big day. For most brides, two to three 30-minute alterations appointments will do the trick. Remember to bring any undergarments you plan on wearing and your wedding shoes! If you haven’t selected your shoes and accessories yet, you can book an appointment at least 30 minutes before your alterations appointment, and one of our consultants will help you complete your look.

What is the process?

Every gown and bride is unique, so the alterations process may vary. If needed, your first fitting will involve bringing in the gown at the sides. Depending on the amount that needs to be taken in, you may have your hem and bustle pinned either at the first fitting or at the second. Side note- bustle refers to the process of transitioning your gown so it does not have a train so you can dance the night away at your reception. We will explain the process as your alterations progress and answer any questions you may have along the way!

At your 2nd and 3rd appointment, remember to bring someone who can learn how to get you in and out of your dress and bustle it on your big day. Once everything is perfect, we will then set a date when you can pick up your very precious cargo! Typically the pick-up date is about a week before your wedding, but we are happy to keep your gown in storage for a closer pick-up date. If you purchased our Bridal Package, your gown will be steamed and hung in a long 10-foot plastic bag to keep your train fresh and wrinkle-free. If you want to try on your dream dress one more time before the big day, just ask! We are always happy to help. Prior to transporting your gown, make sure you have enough room in your vehicle and that the plastic isn’t near any children who may be traveling with you. When you get home, hang your gown up high and allow the train to drape to avoid any wrinkles.

We wish you the most beautiful wedding day and hope you feel the most beautiful you have ever felt in your dress! To schedule your alterations appointment, call 312-254-3880 ext. 7. Just to note, we only offer alterations on wedding gowns purchased at Aurora Bridal and require a minimum of 50% payment of the alterations fees at the 1st fitting and the balance at the 2nd fitting. We can’t wait to see you!