How to Style Your “Winter” Wedding Look in Florida

PHOTO | @egpcollective REAL AURORA BRIDE | @sara.shea.finn Being a Florida girl that loves winter can be a struggle, especially if you’re planning a winter wedding and want all those warm and cozy feels. Well, it’s totally possible and your bridal look can go a long way towards setting that tone. It’s all in the […]

Quince Trends And What You Should Know Before Your Appointment

So you or your daughter is turning the big 15? Congratulations, it’s a big moment and definitely worth celebrating. Shopping for her quinceañera gown is as much of a right of passage as the big day itself, and at Aurora Bridal, we promise to make it a shopping experience she’ll never forget. And, even if […]

When To Schedule Your Bridal Appointment To Find Your Perfect Dress

First things first, CONGRATS! You’re engaged!!! And you’re here so you’ve already started searching for your perfect dress. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Shopping for your wedding isn’t like shopping for any other event. True, your wedding dress is probably the most important dress you’ll ever buy, but it’s not just the dress […]

BTS From Our Shopping Trip To Bridal Fashion Week Chicago

So, we just got back from Chicago Bridal Market…and ladies–to say we’re excited to see you in these gowns is an understatement! Aside from helping you find your dream dress, going to Bridal Market is one of the most fun perks of the job. It’s where all of the designers from your favorite brands showcase […]

Barbiecore Goes Bridal–Here’s What It Looks Like

Photo | @annachristinebridal     Dress | @morileeofficial Barbie is making her mark on the runway (yet again) and there’s no denying that this time it’s because of The Barbie Movie (coming out this month). We’re happy to say that Barbie is going to be trending hard on the white carpet too. And no, this isn’t just […]

Make Sure Your Gown Looks Amazing In Your Wedding Photos–Here’s How

Photo @tdphoto ⁣ You spend so much time, energy, and money turning your wedding dreams into a reality. And then POOF! It’s true what they say, your wedding day is gone in the blink of an eye and all that remains are the amazing memories, and of course, the photos. That’s why it’s so important […]

Sleeves, for a Florida Wedding? It Can Be Done–Here’s How

⁣ If you’re from Florida, or you’ve been here before, then you know it’s pretty much summer here year-round. They don’t call it the “Sunshine State” for nothing. And while that lovely sunshine makes it a perfect wedding destination, the one thing that it can complicate is your wedding ensemble. Sleeves have been trending (in […]

Which Type Of Beachy Bride Are You?

Photo: @verolastudio There’s no denying it, Melbourne has SPECTACULAR beaches. So, it’s no wonder that so many of our brides are searching for the perfect dress for their beach wedding. And while you may think that our job may get a little predictable with so many clients getting married at essentially the same venue, you’d […]

Tuxes And Suits–What You Need To Know

We may be Aurora “Bridal”, but did you know we also have tuxes and suits? In fact, we have the largest selection of tuxes and suits on the Space Coast. So, whether you’re shopping for a wedding or formal event (or both), we’ve got the men in your life covered too! And while you can […]