Quince Trends And What You Should Know Before Your Appointment

So you or your daughter is turning the big 15? Congratulations, it’s a big moment and definitely worth celebrating. Shopping for her quinceañera gown is as much of a right of passage as the big day itself, and at Aurora Bridal, we promise to make it a shopping experience she’ll never forget. And, even if you had a Quinceañera yourself, chances are things have changed a bit since you were a teen, so let’s go over everything you need to know.

How Much Do Quinceañera Dresses Cost?

We have a great selection of quinceañera dresses and you don’t have to break the bank to look like a rockstar. Our dresses range from $900-$1500. Our dress collection, Vizcaya by MoriLee incorporates the latest colors and trends and will ensure that her dress is as unique as she is.

The Collection

Vizcaya by MoriLee is nothing short of regal. The collection of over-the-top gorgeous ballgowns has everything ranging from classic white dresses with lace embellishments to modern trends like off-the-shoulder princess sleeves and 3-D embellishments.

Don’t Forget The Court

It’s tradition to invite the Quinceañera’s closest friends or family members to be part of her court. And as part of a royal court, they should be dressed the part. Girls usually wear gowns and boys wear tuxedos. Thankfully at Aurora Bridal, we have a great selection of gowns and tuxedos so we’re a one-stop-shop.

How It Works

When you schedule a quinceañera dress appointment at Aurora, your Quinceañera and her entourage will be seated for a private appointment with one of our expert stylists. From there she can share all of her wildest dreams and we’ll help make them a reality. Once she finds the one, depending on which style she selects you may be able to take it home right then and there or we will special order it. Our experts will also help you select the correct size based on the Quinceañera’s measurements, and we pride ourselves on having a great size range (sizes 0-28).

Ready to go shopping? Schedule your quince appointment here today and let us take care of the rest.