When To Schedule Your Bridal Appointment To Find Your Perfect Dress

First things first, CONGRATS! You’re engaged!!! And you’re here so you’ve already started searching for your perfect dress. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Shopping for your wedding isn’t like shopping for any other event. True, your wedding dress is probably the most important dress you’ll ever buy, but it’s not just the dress that sets it apart, it’s the entire experience. But fear not, we’ll walk you through your wedding dress timeline so all you have to do is come in, play dress up, and find THE ONE!


When to schedule your first bridal appointment

You should probably go ahead and schedule your appointment right now, to do that just follow this link. We pride ourselves on giving our brides a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one-on-one attention from our expert stylists, so for this reason, appointments are preferred but we always try to accommodate walk ins when possible. We’re happy to say our appointments book up fast, so we always recommend calling and scheduling your appointment right around when you first get engaged (unless you’re planning on a super long engagement).

When should you schedule your appointment for?

Most of our bridal gowns are made to order, which means we don’t order them from the designer until you place the order. And gowns as detailed as these can take anywhere from three to six months to be made, depending on availability. Once you factor in shipping and alterations, it can be a nine to twelve-month process. That’s why we always recommend that brides schedule their first shopping appointment at least one year before their wedding date, the more time you have, the better. Need it sooner? No worries, keep reading…

What If My Wedding Is Less Than A Year Away?

Don’t panic! We can still help you find your dream dress. Many of our designers offer rush delivery, but keep in mind when you’re budgeting that rush fees do apply. Need it now? Like right now? No worries, ALL OF OUR GORGEOUS GOWNS CAN BE PURCHASED RIGHT OFF THE RACK.

When should I place the order for my dress and accessories?

We recommend placing your order no less than one year before your wedding date, but we can give you more specific advice depending on the dress you select as different designers have different timelines for production. And while accessories ship quicker than gowns, we recommend purchasing both at the same time or close together. You’ll likely try on some accessories like veils or sashes when you find your dress and don’t want to risk those accessories being sold out or discontinued if you wait too long.

When should I schedule my alterations?

Before we get into scheduling, let’s talk about alterations a little bit. When you order your dress, we help you order it in the size closest to your measurements, but you will need alterations to get that perfect fit. We have an amazing alterations expert right here in our shop that we highly recommend. Make sure you schedule your first alterations appointment at least two months before your wedding date because you will likely need 2-3 appointments to get everything just right. Please keep in mind that alterations are not included in the price of your dress so make sure to include the cost of alterations in your overall gown budget.

To make things even easier, here’s a dress timeline that you can save and take with you.

So go ahead and book your appointment here.