Barbiecore Goes Bridal–Here’s What It Looks Like

Photo | @annachristinebridal     Dress | @morileeofficial

Barbie is making her mark on the runway (yet again) and there’s no denying that this time it’s because of The Barbie Movie (coming out this month). We’re happy to say that Barbie is going to be trending hard on the white carpet too. And no, this isn’t just another excuse to write a post about pink dresses. In fact, if you’re not a fan of pink, you’d be happy to know that Barbie usually wears white to her weddings–yeah there have been a few (sorry Ken!). The key to channeling that Big Doll Energy for your big day is by thinking, well, BIG.


You’ve probably heard the term Barbicore a time or two over the past couple months, but what does it mean? Barbicore means embracing the fantastical, the kitsch, the camp, the feminine, everything that Barbie embodies. And usually, that means picking a theme or an occasion and going all in. So basically, think of yourself as Dream Wedding Barbie, throw caution to the wind, and go all the way there (and then some).

What Would Barbie Wear?

Big Ballgown

Photo | Mori Lee Margot Dress

The easiest way to get those Barbie feels is by going big, literally. Find the biggest, girliest, sparkliest ballgown you can find. And when it comes to the neckline, it’s no surprise that Barbie loves a sweetheart. You’re welcome to play with different sleeve styles and fabrics–just remember there’s no such thing as too much.

Big Body

Photo | Mori Lee Leona Dress

If ballgowns aren’t your thing, don’t panic, you may still be a Barbie girl. Barbie has been known to rock a mermaid gown that shows off that perfectly unrealistic hourglass silhouette that she’s [in]famous for. And we’re not talking an understated minimalist crepe gown (though we do have some super cute ones). You’re looking for a super-fitted gown that hugs you in all the right places and then explodes glamour right out the bottom. The dress may be fitted (for the most part) but the skirt on this mermaid dress should take up about as much room as a ballgown. And it should go without saying, but you obviously need an epic train.

Big Bling + Bows

Barbie sparkles inside and out, so don’t shy away from embellishments, whether it’s fully beaded lace, feathers, or sequins. Bows also happen to be trending, and our girl loves a bow moment–the bigger the better!

Barbie Bride Styling Tips

Photo: @maddygodtphotography

Now for the fun part, ACCESSORIES! Veil…no questions, it’s a must. A big veil with volume, and any/all embellishments. Do you need a tiara? Probably. Jewelry? Yes, on every extremity. For shoes, pointy-toe pumps are the only way to go, and if you want to give a little nod to your muse, it wouldn’t hurt to make them hot pink.

Now that you know what your ceremony dress will look like, you can move on to your reception dress, and your exit look. If you didn’t know you needed outfit changes, are you even a Barbie girl? JK, but seriously. We know those are some big [little] shoes to fill, but don’t stress. Our expert stylists at Aurora Bridal are here to help all of your Barbie Wedding Dreams come true. Schedule your appointment here and let us take care of the rest.