Sleeves, for a Florida Wedding? It Can Be Done–Here’s How

If you’re from Florida, or you’ve been here before, then you know it’s pretty much summer here year-round. They don’t call it the “Sunshine State” for nothing. And while that lovely sunshine makes it a perfect wedding destination, the one thing that it can complicate is your wedding ensemble. Sleeves have been trending (in a BIG way) for the past few years and that trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But how’s a girl going to rock sleeves in the sweltering Florida heat and still look hot (without being too hot)? We’re happy to tell you that you can indeed wear sleeves for your Florida wedding (no matter the season or the temp). Here are some pro tips on what to look for…

Lightweight Fabrics

Photo @malakoffmoments

In general, for your Florida wedding, it’s a good idea to start your dress search with designs that feature lightweight more breathable fabrics. Not only will they give you that lighter-than-air bridal vibe, but the sheer nature of these fabrics will allow you to take advantage of that lovely ocean breeze.

Lace & Tulle

Photographer: @sydneymormanphotography

Lace, well you know what that is, but tulle isn’t a household term (at least not every household), so let’s break it down. Lace is a type of mesh woven into some kind of decorative pattern be it floral, abstract, or geometric. Similarly, tulle is a type of mesh. It’s usually very fine and completely see-through. When you think of a fairytale ballgown, usually it’s made of tulle. But tulle can be used for so much more than skirts. It can be used to create illusion necklines and super sheer sleeves, like these …

Chiffon & Organza

​​Photographer: Slate and Stone Photography

Chiffon and Organza are translucent cousins, meaning they look pretty similar and they’re sheer but not entirely see-through. Chiffon is the more drapey of the two and hangs beautifully while Organza keeps its structure and is good for volume. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that they both dance beautifully in the wind, so make sure you hire a videographer.

Detachable Sleeves

This season’s hottest bridal trend is detachable elements and it really is a great option for sleeves. Most brides are opting for sleeves for the ceremony and then removing them before the reception. The best part about detachable elements is that you essentially get two looks for the price of one! There are plenty of traditional lace sleeve options, but we’re a little obsessed with these detachable cape sleeves!

Off-the-Shoulder and Away From The Body

When looking at the style of sleeves, just remember that the less the fabric touches you, especially under the arm, the more room you have to breathe–literally. There are so many great off-the-shoulder sleeve options as well as billowy tulle sleeves that make a big statement without weighing you down. Bell sleeves are also fun and breezy and we live for a boho beach wedding look.

See? Told you it could be done! Click here and let’s get your appointment set up today. We can’t wait to see what type of sleeves you go for…

Photo @malakoffmoments