What To Expect During Your Wedding Dress Appointment

Hello, and welcome to the Aurora Bridal blog! At Aurora Bridal, we help brides find their dream
gowns six days a week, so we have so much advice to help your wedding dress shopping
experience be smooth, fun, and memorable. We understand that this is the most important dress
you will ever wear and that this fact alone can cause some stress. But don’t worry, we will be
sharing our top tips and tricks so that you can have the best appointment possible. Read on for
what you can expect during your wedding dress appointment.

Secure an Appointment

When determining where to shop for your gown, make sure to do your research first! If you
have a particular designer or dress you love, call or check the websites of the bridal salons you
are considering to make sure that they carry that particular designer or style. Another important
factor to consider is your budget. Make sure the salon has gowns within your desired range so
there aren’t any surprises! Once you’ve landed on a few stores to shop, book your appointments.
Weekdays tend to be a little bit less busy, leaving you with a more intimate experience. If you do
plan on trying on gowns at multiple boutiques, we recommend limiting it to two appointments in
a day if you can. Trying on gowns can be tiring! Make sure you also leave enough time for
transportation, parking, and grabbing a bite to eat between appointments.

Prep Before

The best appointments happen when you go in prepared! The more details you have for your
consultant, the better. Creating a Pinterest board with gowns that have caught your eye, photos of
your venue, and wedding inspiration that you love goes a long way in helping your consultant
capture your vision. After all, you want to use every minute of your appointment wisely!
Another part of being prepared is wearing the correct undergarments to your appointment. Nude
seamless styles work best, especially under white gowns. A strapless bra, shoes in a similar
height to what you would wear on your wedding day, and shapewear if you think you may wear
it are all great things to wear or bring with you. Many gowns have structure in the bust, so you
may not need a bra, but if you feel more comfortable wearing one, then by all means, please do!
While all of these preparation details seem so small, they go a long way in helping you envision
yourself in each dress. If you want to take it a step further, try to wear your hair either up or
down depending on how you think you’ll wear it on your wedding day, and put on a little bit of
makeup. And don’t forget to properly hydrate and eat before. You want to feel your absolute best
when trying on gowns!

Who to Bring?

Your shopping posse is a big part of your dress shopping experience! While we allow five guests
to accompany you, sometimes fewer people is even better. The more people you bring, the more
opinions you are allowing, and sometimes, this can be confusing when you are making a
decision on which dress is the one. But whether you bring one person or five people, make sure
your shopping crew is full of people who are kind yet honest, understand your vision for your
wedding, support you, and are so excited and happy for you. And remember, there are so many
steps to planning a wedding! Those who weren’t included in your appointment can help you with
other aspects of your big day.

Getting Started

Bridal appointments are usually about one and a half to two hours long. When you arrive at the
salon, you will get acquainted with your consultant. She will ask you questions about your
preferences and details about your big day to help guide the dress search. Any information you
can provide is helpful, including venue location, color palette, and even information and photos
of any wedding dresses you have tried on at other salons and what you liked or didn’t like about
them. When it comes to disclosing your budget, it is so important to be honest and note whether
the budget includes alterations and accessories. Trying on a gown that is over budget is never a
good idea and can lead to disappointment if you happen to love the gown. Remember, any
budget is a great budget and there is the perfect gown for you within your price range.

The Search for THE Dress

After talking through your style and the details surrounding your big day, it’s time to finally go
shopping and try on some dresses! Your consultant may walk you through the gowns, or she may
shop solo and bring a few options to the fitting room based on the images and details you
provided. While trying on the gowns, don’t be afraid to give your consultant feedback about
what you like and don’t like about each style. It will help narrow down the search and guide the
appointment in the right direction. If your consultant happens to make a suggestion that is out of
the box, keep an open mind. Sometimes what you think you want and your dream dress are
complete opposites! Lastly, it is important to note that since bridal salons stock samples of the
dresses, the gown may not fit perfectly. Your consultant will do her best to give you a visual of
what the gown will look like once it is ordered to the proper size.

Saying Yes!

So you found your dream dress? Congratulations! At this point, stop your search. Continuing to
look at gowns online or shop at other stores can make things complicated! If the bridal boutique
you are shopping at has accessories (we do!) and time allows, ask your consultant if you can try
on some headpieces, veils, and/or jewelry. If possible, purchase accessories at the same time as
the gown so you can see the completed look and allow for plenty of time for the pieces to come
in if the boutique doesn’t stock accessories to take home the same day. When you feel like
you’ve nailed your look, it’s time to say yes to your dress and celebrate with your shopping
squad! Make sure to snap a few photos to remember this amazing moment so you can remember
it forever. From there, you will head back to the fitting room where you will be measured.
Typically, gowns are ordered in a size that most closely matches your measurements, and then
the gown is altered to perfection once it comes in. After paying your deposit, you can enjoy the
rest of your day with your bridal crew. Make sure to celebrate!

Feeling prepared and excited for your appointment? We hope so! If you are ready to shop
for your dream dress, come see us at Aurora Bridal! To request an appointment, you can

fill out this form. We hope to see you soon!